Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg provides the dream St. Petersburg luxury accommodation experience: living like Russian royalty in an authentic 19th-century palace. Heritage hotel interiors, including the main stairway, vestibule and entry hall, have all been painstakingly restored to their original 1820 beauty. Newly appointed luxury hotel areas reflect imperial Russian style while feeling fresh, light and contemporary.

RussiaRussia Survival Guide Book written by Alexander Rodionov, founder and director of Tsar Events DMC & PCO

Russia Survival Guide Book written by Alexander Rodionov, founder and director of Tsar Events DMC & PCO

Tsar Events DMC & PCO has become first DMC who wrote book-instruction for tourists and professional travel planners who are going to Russia!


Sadko (St. Petersburg)

Sadko restaurant was opened in 2006 as a Russian Russian restaurant with separate wine bar and high level of service and food.  It is located in the very city center, close to Marinsky Theater. You will be impressed by restaurants interior, which include and stylishly combine modern and folklore elements.

Ceilings are covered with Russian authentic patterns with huge red crystal chandeliers and colorful food plates for the food. The restaurant is famous for its singing waiters.


St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum will take place in St. Peterbsurg 07 - 09 October

St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum - the largest congress-exhibition event in the North-West region of Russia. Forum annually gathers more than 10 000 specialists. Organizer of the Forum is the Committee on industrial policy and innovation of St-Petersburg.


Faberge museum (St. Petersburg)

Faberge museum's collection contains the world's largest collection of works by Carl Fabergé, including nine of the famous Imperial Easter Eggs, regarded not only as the finest jeweled works of art, but also as unique historical artifacts.



Moscow International Automobile Salon’2015, an event held under the aegis of the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA) alongside with other largest motor shows worldwide, will be held August 29 through September 7, 2015 in Crocus Expo IEC!

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100 Interesting facts about Russia


Russian language does not include a word for 'the' or 'a' which is good because these often lead to confusion in other languages


The total length of the Kremlin walls is 2235 meters


There are 221 museums, 2,000 libraries, more than 80 theaters, 100 concert organizations, 45 galleries, 62 cinemas and 80 club establishments of culture in St Petersburg


Baikal lake area is 31.5 thousand sq km. The Baikal is the deepest lake in Russia, it is a large world reservoir for fresh water (23 thousand km³)

RussiaMoscow Population

Moscow is the biggest city in Europe. Population is 10.5 million. Statistic says that Moscow population is expecting to be 16 millions by 2020.

RussiaMoscow Population

Moscow actually has more billionaires living in the area than any other city in the world. With a total of 74 billionaires, Moscow beats New York City's statistic by three.